Knowledge is power Defective Chairs Challenged
Knowledge Is Power

Defective Stairs Claim

Knowledge is power

The very nature of insurance requires that only a few individuals have losses, whilst the many contribute. For this reason, some customers can go through a lifetime with no issues on any of their insurances. This is one of the reasons we often shop and select products based on price. However, when there is a problem, it can often be a distressing time for the customer.

Defective stairs claim declined

It’s a commonly held belief that insurers are keen to avoid claims.

The truth in our experience is that whilst insurers do look to be fair, it’s also useful to have a strong argument and expert advisers at hand to help put any borderline claims through.

In this case, our client contacted us to say that a metal staircase in their premises was cracking and had been deemed to be unsafe.

Insurers assessed the claim and established that the damage was caused by defective installation and therefore was not covered by their policy. However, any consequences of this defective work would have been covered, such as the staircase collapsing and injuring staff or members of the public but the rectification works were not.

On this occasion, there was enough information to support insurers on this declinature (If you are in a similar situation, this may not be the same for you as this claim had a specific set of circumstances).

Ordinarily our involvement would end here but as our expertise goes beyond ‘The standard’ we were able to put the client in touch with a commercial solicitor who was able to reclaim the costs of the repairs from the landlord as the installation had been carried out by them prior to the client moving in.

This resulted in the client not losing £25,000 in estimated repairs. Sometimes looking beyond the insurances can prove invaluable.

Knowledge is power: make sure you have it on your side.

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