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Company or Group Private Medical Insurance

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Company or Group Private Medical Insurance (PMI) is designed for schemes that have two or more members.

Why have Medical insurance?

By having a medical insurance policy, you will be ensuring that you and your employees will be able to get the medical care you need, should the worse happen.

Medical insurance is not a replacement for all the services that the NHS provides. However, , having medical insurance will give you the freedom to choose private treatment from many surgeries as well as access to drugs and medication which may not normally be available on the NHS.

Benefits of Private Medical

  • Timely access to healthcare
  • Prompt referral to a consultant
  • Quick admission to a hospital
  • Treatment at a convenient time
  • Choice of healthcare
  • Direct care by a consultant
  • Advanced treatment options
  • High quality private clinic and hospital accommodation
  • Privacy of an en-suite room
  • Home amenities such as TV
  • Comfort and cleanliness
  • Access to a GP via apps
  • Other additional group benefits like discounted memberships or rewards
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Key employee benefit

Many surveys over the years have highlighted that Private Medical Insurance is one of the highest rated employee benefits and can be a key feature in attracting and retaining good staff members.

A Personal Service

Using Movo as your broker means you will receive a personal service.

Our focus is on spending our time getting to know what matters most to you in order to provide you as a client with the best products at great value, which are always tailored to your needs.

Independent advice

Choosing an independent broker in Movo means that you will always receive impartial advice. We are not tied to either any group of insurers or individual providers. When you instruct us to quote or act as your brokers you will have the reassurance that we are only looking out for your best interests.

The costly middleman?

Some clients believe using a broker can result in higher premiums. If this was the case, brokers would quickly become extinct! Rather than disappear, brokers continue to prosper as we often know how to get the best value for the products for you.

We also provide invaluable advice along the way and assist and support you throughout the year.

Support when you need it

Brokers act as your claim advocates when something goes wrong. Most people will never have an issue with their policies.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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Also known as “PMI” or “Health Insurance”, Private Medical Insurance pays for the cost of medical treatment obtained outside of the NHS system i.e. in private hospitals, Outpatient Clinics, Consulting rooms and Therapists. The level of cover can vary from insurer to insurer and from one policy type to another. Be sure to seek advice or research carefully the different options available to ensure you purchase the right cover for your requirements.

This is a rare type of underwriting and many insurers do not offer this type of coverage.

Benefits will not be available for treatment of any condition suffered if you had symptoms, medication, treatment or advice in connection with that condition in the five years before the start of your policy. However, after a set period (typically two consecutive policy years) the insurer will cover a pre-existing condition, even if it has recurred during the aforementioned set period.

Benefits of Using a Local Broker
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