Company or Group Private Medical Insurance

Company or Group Private Medical Insurance 01

Company or Group Private Medical Insurance (PMI) is designed for schemes that have two or more members.

Why have Medical insurance?

By having a medical insurance policy, you will be ensuring that you and your employees will be able to get the medical care you need, should the worse happen.

Medical insurance is not a replacement for all the services that the NHS provides. However, , having medical insurance will give you the freedom to choose private treatment from many surgeries as well as access to drugs and medication which may not normally be available on the NHS.

Benefits of Private Medical

  • Timely access to healthcare
  • Prompt referral to a consultant
  • Quick admission to a hospital
  • Treatment at a convenient time
  • Choice of healthcare
  • Direct care by a consultant
  • Advanced treatment options
  • High quality private clinic and hospital accommodation
  • Privacy of an en-suite room
  • Home amenities such as TV
  • Comfort and cleanliness
  • Access to a GP via apps
  • Other additional group benefits like discounted memberships or rewards
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