This Information Sheet contains key information about the nature and scope of our Unlimited service. Full details are contained in the Engagement Letter, and Terms & Conditions and Data Protection Notice which will be provided to you upon purchase.

What is covered by the Unlimited service?

The Unlimited service has two parts: an Advice Service and a Representation Service.


Cost of the service is 1 % of the pre tax premium plus VAT

The Advice Service

The Advice Service provides unlimited advice from us in relation to your rights and obligations under any insurance policy (“Policy”) to which you would like the service to attach.


The Representation service provides:

  • Unlimited representation by Us in relation to any dispute arising from the Policy between you and the insurer of the Policy (“a Dispute”);
  • If in Our view you have a strong claim, and are required to bring formal proceedings against your insurer to resolve a Dispute, then at no additional cost you will also be entitled to:
  • After the Event Insurance (£200,000 of cover as standard)
  • Disbursement Funding (£20,000 as standard)
  • Representation by a specialist barrister

What is not covered by the service?

The Unlimited service does not cover any other types of legal advice or representation other than those set out above.

Are there any restrictions on the service?

• The Unlimited service does not cover Disputes which fall within the jurisdiction of the Financial Ombudsman Service, or which would be allocated to a track other than the Multi-Track if the Dispute was to be litigated.

• The Unlimited service is only available for Disputes which are governed by English law and which are subject to either arbitration or the jurisdiction of the English courts.

How much does it cost?

There is no additional fee for the Advice Service.

If you need to use the Representation Service then we will be entitled to charge a further fee in the event of a successful outcome to the Dispute. That fee will be limited to the amount of fees which we are able to recover from your insurer on your behalf, so that in practice the further fee will not cost you anything.

When and how do I pay?

The Up-Front Fee is payable within 14 days, either to us directly or to your insurance broker if you are buying the Unlimited service through your broker.

Any additional fee for the Representation Service will be paid at the successful conclusion of any Dispute and will be taken from any fees which we are able to recover from your insurer on your behalf.

When does the service start and end?

The Unlimited service is available to you as soon as our Engagement Letter, and Terms & Conditions and Data Protection Notice have been issued to you.

Regulatory status

The Unlimited service is a retainer for legal services, which is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and is not an insurance policy.


Movo Orpington 63 Ltd Trading as Movo Insurance Brokers is an Appointed Representative of Movo Insurance Brokers Ltd who are directly authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority with registration number 820734 & 515938.